LARS ULRICH: METALLICA’s Collaboration With LADY GAGA Was ‘Too Good’ And ‘Too Real’ To Be Just A One-Off

metgaga.jpgMETALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich says that he knew right from the start that the band’s collaboration with pop giant Lady Gaga at the Grammy Awards would be a huge success. He told The A.V. Club: “Listen, I knew this was going to work. I mean, Gaga is a metal chick at heart. There was no way this was not going to work. It was totally in her DNA. It was totally in her wheelhouse. This was not not going to work. The only question was at what level it was going to work.”

He continued: “We did one run-through. The way her and James‘s [Hetfield, METALLICA frontman] voices worked, it jelled so well together we all kind of stood there like, ‘Huh?’ It was really fucking next-level. I think we rehearsed it twice, maybe three times on Friday night. And it was just dialed. There was no sort of, ‘Oh, my god, what are we doing here?’ This was as natural and organic as you could imagine this type of stuff being. This was a home run from the get-go.”

Ulrich also elaborated on his previous prediction that METALLICA‘s collaboration with Gaga at the Grammy Awards would end up being just the beginning for the unlikely combo.


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