Watch DREAM THEATER Perform In Partille, Sweden During ‘Images, Words & Beyond’ Tour

dreamjamesFan-filmed video footage of DREAM THEATER‘s February 17 performance at Partille Arena in Partille, Sweden can be seen below.

DREAM THEATER is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its milestone RIAA-gold-certified album “Images And Words” on a European tour, which kicked off on January 30 in Rome, Italy. Each performance sees the iconic progressive rock band delivering an unparalleled live set of “Images And Words” in its entirety along with fan favorites from their renowned catalogue.

Asked if he had any idea — prior to the “Images And Words” release — of the success the album would eventually become, DREAM THEATER guitarist John Petrucci told Metal Insider: “Not at all. The whole situation was very uncertain. We had put out our first album, ‘When Day And Dream Unite’, and we didn’t do any touring or anything for that. We did some press. People seemed to like it but it just ended. We decided to switch lead singers, and we went on this very long singer hunt for like a year and a half. We weren’t really crazy about the label, so we were singerless, labelless, and holding jobs down teaching guitar and doing other things. We started to wonder if we would have an opportunity to do this again as a band. When Derek Oliver from Atco expressed interest, the very first thing they did was more of a development deal. We recorded a few songs from ‘Images And Words’ as a demo. By the time we went to actually do the album and got James [LaBrie] as a singer, we were just ecstatic to be able to do it again. We didn’t even think it was going to amount to anything, we were just incredibly grateful to be back in the studio.”


Regarding how DREAM THEATER approached “Images And Words” as opposed to “When Day And Dream Unite”, Petrucci said: “With ‘When Day And Dream Unite’, we were really young and we had just got signed, we had a very short period of time to record it. We went as a band to live together in Pennsylvania and then we would go in and record. We really didn’t have any experience. ‘Images’ was a bit later and we had more experience, some more gear, and some more ideas about what we wanted to do. The studio we were in was beautiful. It felt like we had more time to do it. Things like that. It was still a situation where we had a producer (David Prater) who was directing the whole ship, but yeah. The experience was very wide-eyed and exciting, and it was like a whirlwind. ‘Images’ was more of a conscious experience when we had more time and were a little bit more grounded at that point.”

Petrucci also talked about DREAM THEATER‘s biggest hit to date, “Pull Me Under”, which was included on “Images And Words”. Asked if he ever thought the song would get played on the radio or that it would have MTV success, Petrucci said: “No, we didn’t think that way at all. We were into writing progressive metal. We were all big fans of YES and RUSH, but we also liked METALLICA and other bands. We came out with this stuff that didn’t have the normal pop structure, the songs were long. ‘Pull Me Under’ was at least eight minutes. Originally, ‘A Change Of Seasons’ was supposed to be on ‘Images’, but the label voted against that. The whole nature of the album wasn’t really geared towards commercial standards. After we went on tour, that song started to gain legs from requests. We had no idea what was happening. We had to quickly film a video on tour at a club because we didn’t have a video and it just grew from there. It was unintentional.”

DREAM THEATER recently completed the second leg of its extensive North American headline tour which found the group performing its widely acclaimed double concept album “The Astonishing” in immersive and interactive settings for a unique and unmatched live experience.



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