Dedicated Christian NICKO MCBRAIN Says The ‘Guv’nor’ Doesn’t Have A Problem With Him Playing In IRON MAIDEN

nickomcbrainustralia2016_638Despite IRON MAIDEN‘s reputation for focusing on the darker side, drummer Nicko McBrain told Australia’s ABC that he is a committed Christian who doesn’t feel he is doing anything wrong.

“The ‘Guv’nor’ does not have a problem with it,” Nicko explained. “Obviously, I’m still doing it.

“I kind of struggled with the idea earlier on when I first found my faith, and I put it in prayer, and I haven’t had a problem with it,” he continued.

“You know, the old adage is, ‘The greatest trick the devil ever played on us is making us think he doesn’t exist,’ and we all know he does.”

A few years ago, McBrain spoke to about how his faith allows him to play songs like “The Number Of The Beast”, with lyrics like “666, the one for you and me.” McBrain reasoned: “It’s a story. If you look in the Book of Revelation, it tells you about all that, all that grief, all that business. And that, by the way, was a song written from a nightmare that [IRON MAIDEN bassist] Steve [Harris] had.

“I can tap people on the shoulder and say, ‘I’m not glorifying him [the devil]’; if I was, then I wouldn’t be Christian. Because I understand, and most Christian people understand, that sin is the Devil’s domain, and the ultimate sin is death, but we have a way up, and that’s where your faith and your Christianity comes into play. Sometimes I’ve had an opportunity to talk to people about my faith, and what I feel, and maybe that’s the way the good Lord’s working with me.”

He continued: “To still be able to be in such a great band, where people think we’re demonic or Satanic, most people that know and have a modicum of sense and intelligence know that not to be true. It doesn’t take an Einstein to listen to the records and listen to the lyrics of the songs to know what’s going on.
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