Creator Of In-Ear Device Says He Can Help BRIAN JOHNSON Get Back To Performing On Stage

brianjohnsonrockfm_638Stephen Ambrose, an expert in the field of audio and the founder of Asius Technologies, says that he can help Brian Johnson return to the stage after the AC/DC frontman was forced to stop touring because doctors said he risked total hearing loss.

The legendary Australian rock band postponed the last ten dates of its recent North American tour after doctors gave Johnson the diagnosis. AC/DC has since announced that it will use GUNS N’ ROSES singer Axl Rose as a “guest vocalist” when it resumes its tour this weekend, with Johnson apparently not returning to the band at all.

Ambrose, who invented in-ear monitors, an advanced earbud used by professional musicians on stages around the world, says that he now realizes that his original invention “can cause permanent hearing loss — even when used at what may be considered to be reasonable listening levels.” He says he stopped manufacturing the devices in the ’90s so that he “could make [his] invention safer.”

He has since partnered with the National Health Foundation and 64 Audio to create a device that is said to be the first and only patented in-ear technology that safely delivers a louder, more spacious and richer sound while minimizing the risk of hearing damage.

While Ambrose admits to being “a big fan of Axl Rose‘s voice,” having introduced GUNS N’ ROSES to in-ear monitors in 1990, he says he agrees with THE WHO frontman Roger Daltrey in that he “really can’t imagine anyone but [Johnson] singing ‘Back In Black’ — or any other part of the [AC/DC] show, for that matter.”
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