DISTURBED Frontman’s ‘Fondest And Most Frightening’ OZZFEST Memory

daviddraimandisturbedlightvid_638In a brand new interview with Live Nation TV, DISTURBED frontman David Draiman was asked to recount an Ozzfest memory that sticks out for him. He responded: “One of my fondest and most frightening Ozzfest memories was playing our second year. The tour opened in Chicago and we were very excited to play in our hometown. We had elected to headline the second stage in an area that was set up to accommodate 8,000 people max, but 20,000 spilled into it in a 20-minute period. It was chaos, but not in a good way. There was a guy who went down in the pit 15 feet in front of me and came back up and literally almost had no face left. They were pulling people up and taking people out in stretchers by the dozens. It wasn’t safe.”

He continued: “So the next day we had no choice we but to play the main stage. We’re about to take the stage and we’re flanked stage right by MARILYN MANSON and PANTERA, and stage left is Ozzy [Osbourne], watching us. I’m scared to death, and three songs into the set I look over and see Ozzy and he’s grinning ear to ear, giving me the devil horns and banging his head.”
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