Swiss All-Girl Heavy Metal Band BURNING WITCHES Produced By DESTRUCTION’s SCHMIER

burningwitchesIn between recording sessions for the new DESTRUCTION album, bassist/vocalist Schmier is producing the Swiss all-girl heavy metal outfit BURNING WITCHES.

The ladies are currently looking for a label to release their debut album, tentatively due before the end of next year.

Says Schmier: “Those ladies sound original, fresh and heavy! I love the classical heavy metal influence and the [Rob] Halford-inspired vocals! I’ll try to help them a bit with all my studio experience, give them confidence in their own sound and performance! It’s a fun project. Normally, I have those smelly dudes around me …haha!”

He continues: “I’m producing with my old buddy V.O. Pulver (POLTERGEIST, GURD, PANZER). We are like a well-oiled machine. He also works with us on the new DESTRUCTION record!

“The BURNING WITCHES will sure get their fans. Their sound, in between classical [JUDAS] PRIEST and U.S. power metal like ICED EARTH, caught my attention right away.”

BURNING WITCHES was founded during spring 2015 in Brugg, Switzerland, by guitar player Romana Kalkuhl. It has always been her big dream to perform with a women’s heavy metal band on stage. During the music university studies, she already started her first group together with Kevin Schaffer, with whom she has recorded two albums and played several concerts.
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