BARONESS Frontman Recalls Getting Phone Call From METALLICA’s JAMES HETFIELD

johnbaizleyjameshetfield_638John Baizley recalled getting a phone call from METALLICA‘s James Hetfield while the BARONESS frontman was recovering after shattering his left arm in a horrific accident.


Baizley was riding in a tour bus with his BARONESS bandmates when the brakes failed in August 2012. The bus plunged 30 feet into a viaduct in the U.K., crushing Baizley‘s arm so badly that doctors considered amputation. He now has two 9-inch titanium plates, some 30 screws and more than a foot of wire holding everything together.

Hetfield, who was in the 1986 bus crash which claimed the life of METALLICA bassist Cliff Burton, called Baizley while the BARONESS guitarist/vocalist was in the hospital. John told Rolling Stone: “[Hetfield‘s] call was [as] important as every other call I got that week. I have since come to learn that, while I was in the hospital — roughly two and a half weeks, which felt like two and a half decades for me at the time — there were a lot of people who were nervous or somewhat reticent to call me; they didn’t know what condition I was in, or they were concerned that I needed time or space. I really didn’t. In fact, each time somebody called me from the States, it was a huge relief for me; it was a reminder that there was still a world out there moving on, and that in turn led me to believe that there was a place for me to work towards after my immediate situation was over.”
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