DEATH: First-Ever Fully Authorized Guitar Tab Book Due This Christmas

deathtabRelapse Records will release the first-ever fully authorized DEATH tab book, featuring 21 classic songs tabbed out for guitar from the band’s entire discography. The book, which includes traditional notation as well as tablature, also comes with a digital download of all tracks. It will be emade available this Christmas. Pre-orders are available here.

Featured tracks:

01. Zombie Ritual (from the album “Scream Bloody Gore”)
02. Denial Of Life (from the album “Scream Bloody Gore”)
03. Mutilation (from the album “Scream Bloody Gore”)
04. Pull The Plug (from the album “Leprosy”)
05. Leprosy (from the album “Leprosy”)
06. Left To Die (from the album “Leprosy”)
07. Spiritual Healing (from the album “Spiritual Healing”)
08. Living Monstrosity (from the album “Spiritual Healing”)
09. Within The Mind (from the album “Human”)
10. Lack Of Comprehension (from the album “Human”)
11. Suicide Machine (from the album “Human”)
12. Together As One (from the album “Human”)
13. The Philosopher (from the album “Individual Thought Patterns”)
14. Overactive Imagination (from the album “Individual Thought Patterns”)
15. In Human Form (from the album “Individual Thought Patterns”)
16. Perennial Quest (from the album “Symbolic”)
17. Zero Tolerance (from the album “Symbolic”)
18. Crystal Mountain (from the album “Symbolic”)
19. Spirit Crusher (from the album “The Sound of Perseverance”)
20. Scavenger Of Human Sorrow (from the album “The Sound of Perseverance”)
21. Story To Tell (from the album “The Sound of Perseverance”)


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