ALICE COOPER’s ‘Muscle Of Love’ To Be Released On 4.0 Quad SACD

alicecoopernme2015_638Marshall Blonstein‘s Audio Fidelity will release the final ALICE COOPER group album on 4.0 Quad SACD. “Muscle Of Love” is the seventh studio album by Alice Cooper and it was the last album to feature the entire original band, and it was a true grand finale at that. Cooper stated in an interview at the time that the album marked a return to fundamentals. “It’s not complicated in any sense… It’s very basic rock and roll throughout.”

The 1973 return to the band’s more hard rock roots was a successful creative choice and catapulted “Muscle Of Love” into Billboard‘s Top 10 album chart. That sound, complete with the prog-rock/heavy metal workouts, has proven over the years to be a significant piece of the Alice Cooper legacy.

Track listing:

01. Big Apple Dreamin’ (Hippo)
02. Never Been Sold Before
03. Hard Hearted Alice
04. Crazy Little Child
05. Working Up a Sweat
06. Muscle of Love
07. Man with the Golden Gun
08. Teenage Lament ’74
09. Woman Machine



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