ALICE COOPER: Video Footage Of Stuttgart Concert

alicecooperstuttgart2015_638Fan-filmed video footage of ALICE COOPER‘s November 8 concert at Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle in Stuttgart, Germany can be seen below.

Alice‘s powerhouse band is comprised of drummer Glen Sobel, bassist Chuck Garric, and guitarists Nita Strauss, Tommy Henriksen and Ryan Roxie.

Cooper has previously said that he prefers playing small venues over large arenas.

“I always prefer to play theatres because it makes the theatrics of our show so much more intense,” he said.

Asked what there is left to do after five decades of playing rock and roll, Alice told The Herald: “You wanna write that song that wins the Academy Award.

“I’d love to do some sort of a Broadway show, but on my terms. I don’t want a watered-down show. If it was gonna be a real rock Broadway show, you’d have to bring in a real rock band and make that the basis.

“I’ve had scripts sent to me about my life and I keep telling them it’s already written and it’s called ‘Welcome To My Nightmare’.

“The music and words are ready, we just need to find somebody that want to actually produce it.”


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