IRON MAIDEN’s BRUCE DICKINSON Laments State Of Record Industry, Slams BLABBERMOUTH ‘Idiots’

bruceliveIRON MAIDEN singer Bruce Dickinson says that up-and-coming bands are “being completely stuffed” by the state of the record industry today because of a growing perception of music as a low-value — or no-value — product.

During an appearance on the August 31 edition of the “Opie Radio” talk show, Bruce was asked if he thinks recording artists are getting “ripped off” by music streaming services like Spotify. He responded: “Yeah, they are. But it’s just like one of those, kind of, ‘Damned if you do, damned if you don’t’ moments, really. I mean, it’s this thing of… Kids love music, and people love music now more than probably any other time in human history, right? So what do you do? Do you say that people that love everything, ‘You’re all criminals, just ’cause you love it.’ That’s what sank all the record labels, who didn’t figure out that, actually, these people are not trying to do harm. They just love it, you know?”

Bruce went on to say that streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music benefit established artists more than they do the aspiring ones who have yet to break through.

“What’s sad, I think, is for the young bands coming up,” he said. “‘Cause, I mean, how are they gonna make a living? Because, basically, they are being completely stuffed by not so much illegal downloading, although, yeah, that kind of, obviously, goes on and all the rest of it. But the bar is now so low in terms of what value people place on people’s creativity and music and stuff like that, and it’s just getting driven down into the basement. So it’s like the cult of celebrity — you know, those people who have no talent, except being famous and doing stupid stuff. That appears to be more important and have more value than people who have real talent.”
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