Eddie Goes To Comic Con!

eddiePress Release from Acme Archives: Exclusive Iron Maiden inspired prints unveiled at San Diego Comic Con

The first official pieces of original pop art inspired by Iron Maiden have just gone on display at San Diego Comic Con by Fine Art publishers Acme Archives, who are renowned for showcasing the cream of the Entertainment Industry’s properties in new and innovative fashion. These include artworks licensed from such illustrious companies as Twentieth Century Fox, DreamWorks, Lucasfilm Ltd., Microsoft, Saban and Cartoon Network.

Asked about this unique art collaboration, Blake Jones, ACME Archive’s Creative Director said;

“Iron Maiden is one of the most iconic bands of all time, I have felt so utterly privileged to be able to work with them in any regard and when we got the chance to collaborate on this project I nearly screamed! This was one of the best, and most fun projects I’ve been able to work on to date – I listened to nothing but Iron Maiden for an entire month, and it never got old. With the artists I asked to work on these images, I knew they all had the ability to go dark, but I also wanted to ensure there was a fair amount of diversity within the collection. We looked to each artist to create original artwork based on their favourite Maiden song or album and to totally re-imagine them. As the images rolled in, I became ever more excited to see them in print. I can’t wait for the public to see the results, as these talented artists have nailed it. I hope you guys enjoy these images as much as we enjoyed making them!”


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