’s Robert Trujillo on the Joys of Jazz Great Jaco Pastorius

metMetallica‘s Robert Trujillo has always wanted to see a documentary about the life of the late jazz virtuoso Jaco Pastorius, known for his funky improvisations. He’s wanted this so much so that when he first met Jaco’s son Johnny, he urged him to make one. Nearly two decades later, Jaco: A Documentary Film – which Trujillo co-produced – has begun making festival rounds, with a screening planned for the inaugural Asbury Park Music in Film Festival in April.

“This is not an instructional video,” Trujillo tells Rolling Stone. “This is deeper. This is a story.”

The film chronicles the ascent of the bass legend, who bridged boundaries between rock and jazz in the mid-Seventies with his inventive playing on albums by jazz-fusion mega-group Weather Report, Joni Mitchell and Ian Hunter, as well as on his own prolific solo releases. It also touches on how bipolar disease affected him later in his career.


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