APOCALYPTICA’s PAAVO LÖTJÖNEN Says Working With Producer NICK RASKULINECZ Was ‘Really Inspiring’

paavoapocalypticarocknlive2015_638Speaking about APOCALYPTICA‘s decision to work with producer Nick Raskulinecz (FOO FIGHTERS, DEFTONES, MASTODON) on the band’s new album, “Shadowmaker”, Paavo said: “Nick is a great producer. He has done a lot of famous albums — with the FOO FIGHTERS, RUSH, MASTODON… many names… JANE’S ADDICTION. He’s like a top-class producer. And he was, [for] a long time, on our wish list to work with. And we’re really happy that he wanted to work with us. And as a personality, he’s a really inspiring guy. He’s like a metalhead — black t-shirt, long hair and a cap on. Like a Tennessee guy. And he’s a bass player himself. But on the other side, he has a lot of technical skills. He has been working at Sound City [studios] in L.A., on Rick Rubin‘s team, before. So he has the tools to make a high-class production. He took a really big part [in] our arranging and adjusting the songs in the final end.”

Watch full interview…

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