BRUCE DICKINSON Is Rocking A Mean Moustache In First Post-Cancer-Surgery Photos

bruce_dickinsonBruce Dickinson, lead singer of the British heavy metal band IRON MAIDEN and founder of Cardiff Aviation Ltd., is one of the investors involved in unveiling the world’s largest aircraft. The Hybrid Air Vehicle (HAV), which has been named Airlander, can stay airborne for up to three weeks and will be vital in delivering several tons of humanitarian aid.

Bruce, who recently underwent a seven-week course of chemotherapy and radiology to treat a small cancerous tumor, visited the Hybrid Air Vehicles headquarters this week to help the company out with the media. According to Hybrid Air Vehicles, Dickinson is “fit and well” and is “even sporting a new ‘tache, so things are looking up!”

Photos taken during Bruce‘s visit to Hybrid Air Vehicles can be seen below (courtesy of Iron Maiden España).

Airlander‘s ability to change air travel forever is now widely recognized by the public. Not only can Airlander stay in the air for days, it offers incredible fuel efficiency, minimal noise pollution and does not require a runway. Airlander offers a revolutionary alternative to aid distribution, heavy cargo lift, luxury travel, all with minimal impact on the environment.

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